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  • Can a Christian man be a stay-at-home husband or a SAHH?

    In this post I offer some arguments to consider the topic of stay at home husbands and attempt to answer one objection I encountered. The objection is this: Isn’t it true that there are other means of husbands providing for their families? Why then is financial support necessarily a function the husband should fulfill? Can’t […]

  • Aquinas: Should a Christian answer back to a reviler or mocker?

    Whether one ought to suffer oneself to be reviled? Objection 1: It would seem that one ought not to suffer oneself to be reviled. For he that suffers himself to be reviled, encourages the reviler. But one ought not to do this. Therefore one ought not to suffer oneself to be reviled, but rather reply […]

  • A helpful rebuttal to the paedobaptist argument that Luke uses “brephe” (often translated “infant”) in chapter 18.

    The Greek for infants, or babes, is usually brephe ; but even this word is sometimes applied to children that are not infants. Thus, Luke, in his narrative of this transaction, once uses the term (v. 15) in the same way as paidia, —rendered in our Version by “infants”. Here, however, the fact that Luke, in all other places in the […]

  • Fruit Of The Spirit: Peace

    By peace it is only meant the peace that comes from God, that reconciles one with God. Righteousness. Sin and peace are opposites, just as sin and righteousness are opposites. Sin results in disharmony. The peace of righteousness results in harmony. Peace that comes through the righteousness of God and living righteously. What happens when […]

  • Eldership Notes

    Geoff Thomas  says that almost all preachers are elders, but few elders are preachers?? He sees the distinction here: I Tim.5:17  “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honour, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching” “Their own character and godliness is far more important to him than […]