Category: Grace and Law

  • Machen on differences between Christianity and Judaizers

    As a matter of fact, however, Paul did nothing of the kind; and only because he (and others) did nothing of the kind does the Christian Church exist today. Paul saw very clearly that the differences between the Judaizers and himself was the differences between two entirely distinct types of religion; it was the differences between a religion of merit […]

  • My Fight For Holiness

    A number of years ago, there was a time when I foolishly waited on the Lord, not in the biblical sense, but in the sense of frustration and impatience, secretly whispering to myself that if the Lord wanted me to live for Him, then He would have to do the work Himself. Ultimately, this is […]

  • Geoff Thomas On Grace

    I came across this section on grace by Geoff Thomas, a pastor in Wales that many including myself look up to. I was so encouraged by this quote that I wanted to share. You can read the full text here. i] Grace has a purpose. It has a specific and particular end in view:- “He […]

  • How To Tie A Knot Without Breaking The Sabbath

    The Jewish Talmud is a treasure trove of legalism. There are rules for everything, especially about keeping the Sabbath. There’s even a section on what kinds of knots one can tie on the Sabbath. Here’s a section discussing if it’s okay for a woman to tie the bands of her hood, …The case is, that […]

  • More On The Burden Of Spiritual Disciplines

    When our zeal for Christ is glowing hot, spiritual disciplines are never a duty. Why? Because increasing our zeal is the equivalent to increasing our appetite for food. When we focus on dying to ourselves, putting away our sin, thirsting for righteousness, our appetite for spiritual food increases. By pursuing holiness, we are inevitably drawn […]

  • The Burden Of Daily Devotions

    These are my thoughts on why I gave up the traditional “daily devotion.” If you have a busy unpredictable schedule and struggle with devotion time, I think you will be encouraged, while at the same time challenged. The Alternate View Several years ago I asked a pastor who I greatly admired what his daily devotions […]